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Life journey is full of many contradictions and things that we cannot understand and explain. You work hard, you do your best at work but you don’t get the promotion. You do all your best to start a business but you don’t get the fund you are looking for to start the business. You do everything to your spouse but the marriage breake down. You always help other when they are in need but when your turn comes, nobody cares about your problem. Ten years or twenty years have passed but you did not get the breakthrough, your prayer did not get the answer you are looking for. Around you, you even see  mediocre  people who are blessed and posess things that you want to own  for a long time. You work very hard, you take all the classes, but you don’t  get the results you are looking for….These kind of situations happen  for every person in their journey for a better life. The problem is that when we go through situations like these, we can become deeply disappointed, deeply frustrated, discouraged about life. We can completly loose our joy and even settle for less and deep bitterness for the rest of our life.

If somebody is going through a deep frustration, my objectif through this post is to bring back joy, faith and hope in the heart of the reader. Here are some practical solutions.


Like I say in the beginning of this article, life is full of many contradictions that can steal our joy and our dream. While we are going through circumstances that are frustrating us our attitude toward this sad situation can make a difference. Our attitude is how we handle the situation ? Do we camplain ? Are we angry ? Are we tempted to give up ? Are we jealous ? Honestly, most people are bitter and they weep when things are not going their way in life. I understand them. It is good to weep, to cry when we are going through hardship. But for how long do we weep and cry ? After weeping, we have to get up again and start with more zeal the race for a better life.

In the journey of life we cannot win if we have a weak attitude. We have to have a warrior mentality. When things go hard, that is the best moment to sharpen your mind and fight the good fight for a better futur and a good fight for a better life.

Your attitude is very important because if you fail to have a better attitude your ennemy or the problem that you have can use it against you. No matter how diffilcult, how long the bad situation is, you have to keep a good attitude. When the wind blows in a sea, what determines  if the boat will land safely or not is how the sail is set. If the sail is set well, no problems for the people in the boat but if the sail is bad, the people in the boat are in danger because the wind will break down the boat. Likewise, keeping a good attitude while you are in the storm of life  can help you to land safely.

Your attitude must be stong, your attitude must be full of determination, your attitude must be full of zeal to continue the fight even though you get knock down too many times.


We cannot explain and understand why although we have done our best we did not qualify for the loan of our dream house. We cannot undertand why our spouse leaves us although we are doing our best to have a better relationships. We cannot explain and understand why we are still single although we are doing our best to have a mate. Why is my financial situation did not change although I am doing my best to improve my finance ? Why is my health is poor although I am doing my best to have a good health ? Why is this ? why is that ? The moment you keep asking yourself these questions you will become down and sad. There are plenty of things in life that we cannot explain and the best attitude to have toward these things is to trust the Infinite Intelligence that what is going wrong in our life today, if we keep the good attitude, will absolutely work for our good not to destroy us.

Intead of focussing on the ‘’why’’ and trying to find an explanation or a reason, trust more and be aware that at the end if you did not give up, you  will have the last laugh.


In your road to victory and total blessings, your adversary will laugh and makes life bitter for you if you start loosing energy because the fight is taking long than you think. If you start looking for your plan B and start playing the game in a wishy-washy way, that is how your ennemy will keep you in his trap.

The truth is that when the battle for a better life or the tremendous efforts we  have made to achieve a dream fall appart, the temptation to settle for mediocre life or to bend our standards to the standards of average people is high. We can esealy find excuses since we have tried and tried but failed.

Don’t do that . No matter how hard you fail, if you don’t  get your way, keep saying to yourself : « I did not come here to give up my dream »  When the battle is tough your inner resources must be tough as well. Making some excuses will weaken your energy and you won’t have the power to continue to persue your dream.


When things are not going in your ways despite all of your efforts and in the same time other people with less efforts or even no efforts at all are enjoying the things you want, I do understand that that it will be very painful, but you have to know that there is a reason for that. The journey for a better life or the achieving of any significant dream is full of tests after tests. Most of the times people who achieve more that the average people, pass unbelievable tests that can deeply beat or even kill the average people. That is why we call these great achievers, heroes.

You have to prove that you will be content and do your best even things are not going in your way. You have to prove that you will keep giving even though you are not receving, You have to prove that you will keep honoring people even though they treat you bad. You have to prove that you will keep your faith higher even though you are working and praying for many years and you don’t see anything in the external word.

Maybe it is probably the time for you to grow and develop a strong character. There are many things in life that we cannot learn through a class, a book… but only through a personal experience so that at the end you develop a spiritual masso. You cannot be strong if you are not put under pressure. You may not like it but  if you stick with it, it will work for you. You are growing, you are becoming a mature person, you are becoming more applier, you are getting prepared for high responsibilities. You cannot get promoted without any preparation. If you get what you want or achieve your dream without any preparation, the things you get will be a burden and a heavy load for you, not a blessing. It will not help you, it will hurt you.

Your gift and talent can take you to a certain level of your life, but if you don’t have the required character for that gift, you will not stay there for a long time. Character is developped through tough time when we are not getting our way but we keep doing the best things.

 Even if you are doing your best to earn more money and you did not see anything yet, even if it is a long time you are single and your efforts did not pay yet… Don’t get bitter, don’t give up. Your situation is not changing yet but you, you are changing, you are becoming a better person, you are growing, you are getting prepared for new level of your destiny.

It is easy to say that we have faith when things are going in our way. But  what happen  when we do our  best and still have to wait for the things we want ? Do we loose our faith ? Can we continue to trust God ? Our character and the person we are becoming while pursuing a dream are more important than the dream or the things we want.

Remember there are too many contradictions in life and the journey for a better life is sometimes bitter. Everyone has his share of frustrations and things that we cannot undersdand. you have to make up your mind that you are not going to let these things steal your joy, your happiness, your dream, your hope. Do what you can and trust God for the rest. Leave with this attitude: ’’even if my situation does not change, I am still going to be happy,’’ ‘’ even if I see somebody with more talent and things I want, I will not be envious or jealous,’’ ‘’If my spouse does not change, I will continue to treat her or him well, and I will be happy.’’ ‘’I will always leave in peace with myself ’’. If you continue to do that you will be like the forces of nature, you will be unstoppable and you will probably get all the things you want sooner or later.  Can you do that ?


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 ‘’The good things I want to do, I fail to do it but the bad things I don’t want to do, that is what I do’’ Apostle Paul. Every honest person can relate that thought of Apostle Paul to himself. That shows how hard and painful it is to do good things in life.

What we practice everyday becomes a habit and when a habit is formed it becomes our character and our character detimines our destiny. Whether what we are doing over and over is good or bad, the bottom line is that it will end up in a place where we are strong, powerful or a place where we are destroyed. What we do everyday is very important since it determines where we will  end up in life. We have heard that we reap what we sow. This post will help us to develop good habits and to destroy the ones that pull us down or break us.

1 Self honesty

First of all we have to be honest with ourselves to truly recognize that something is wrong in our life and to truly commit to change the habit that is bad in our life. There is one thing to look at the mirror and see the areas that need adjustment in our body and to take action to correct them and another thing is to look at the mirror, see what are bad in our body and refuse to correct them and when we will go out, everybody will see how we neglect to take care of our body.

It is said that we can be set free if we know the truth and apply it. We have to ask ourself on regular basis « what is holding me back in my life ? » « In which area of my life do I need to improve myself in ? »  There is no shame to regonize that there is something that is wrong in our life. As I said in the opening of this post every person finds that it is difficult to do good things and sometimes we settle for mediocrity without even knowing it and little by little it becomes a habit. So every human struggles to do good things but every human can work hard to acquire good habits so that it can become part of his  nature. When we know who we are, we can then take the next steps to break our bad habits


« Decide » means to cut every possibility to return back again. « Decide » means that you will no longer look back again. Let say you decide to stop smoking, that means that you have cut all the possibilities to return back and to smoke again. If somebody gives you a cigarette, you will refuse and you, yourself you will not go to buy a cigarette anymore. I know that this can sound good while we are saying it but to put that decision into action for a long time and forever, that is the real challenge and most people while trying to avoid bad habits fail to keep their promise after the first or the second temptation. When we fail to keep our promise, that means we did not really decide to stop the bad habit that is holding us back. ‘’Decide to stop a bad habit’’ must be a ‘’must’’. You cannot quit a bad habit in a wishy-washy way. Your commitment must be strong if not you will soon return back to your bad habits.

3 Motivate yourself

When we start to avoid a bad habit, it is easy, we are full zeal and we claim everywhere that from now on we will no longer do this or that and that we are free. A few days after, like a dog that returns back to his vomiting we start, we renew again with the bad habit. What has happen ? We loose our fire, we loose our motivation and the bad habit comes back with more power over us. In order to keep our commitment, we need to continue to motivate ourselve in order to have a strong desire to break the bad habit. If you only decide to break a bad habit and you just sit down and you don’t do anything, just after a few days you will have a strong desire to return back to the bad habit. To avoid that, you have to have a ritual of motivation. What I mean is that you must motivate yourself every day, you must encourage yourself every day, you must love yourself more every day untill you well establish the new habit that you want.

How can you motivate yourself, encourage yourself while you are breaking a bad habit ? There are plenty of ways to do that. You can read the testimonies of people who have succeeded to break the bad habits you are willing to break and learn from them. If they can do it, you too can do it.  You can surround yourself with positive people and make the decision to model their behaviours in your own life. You can visualize yourself every morning, free from your current addiction. Just sit down and spend 10 minutes on your bed and see yourself free from what is holding you back. You can also repeat to yourself whether it is aloud or silently : ‘’I am free from this….(the habit that you want to break)

You can also pray. Saying a prayer is very effective when it comes to motivate yourself to break a bad habit. The easiest way to break a bad habit is to have a motivation ritual in order to support yourself while you are struggling to break a bad habit.

Breaking a bad habit is a long journey and the journey can be either sweet or bitter, it will be bitter for you if you don’t support yourself with many motivational and encouragement resources.

4 Dicipline yourself

‘’Discipline is the bridge to achievement’’ Jim Rhon. You can’t succeed to break a bondage without discipline. Set some rules for yourself and keep your commitment to obey to these rules. You have to set the standard by which you want to live your life by and not let any other rules in your life. I have said it earlier  that you cannot break a bad habit in a wishy-washy way. What do you want for your life ? The only way to get what you want for your life is to obey to the standards that command that kind of life that you want for yourself. You cannot say that you want to be a business man and live with the mindset and standard of an employee. You cannot say that you want a happy life and spend most of your time consuming the latest news on TV, without any time set for positive tapes and positive books.

You must obey first to the rules and laws that create the kind of life you want, discipline yourself.

5 Don’t give up

I know that it is not easy to break a bad habit. What happen most of the time is that you start well and then you fail. You start again and then you fail. Don’t be stopped. Our habits are too pwerful since we have been repeating them for years. Deciding to break them can be very hard, that is why most people fail to break a bad habit. We must not be stopped because we fail once or twice or even seral times. We have to be honest to ourself and make any adjustment and continue our race toward a total freedom. No matter how many times we have fail, we can keep on going on the road of total freedom.

We are created to shine in this world not to settle for bondage, addiction and slavery. Today many people are addicted to cigarette, to drogue, to sex (they watch pornography), to alcohool, they are impatient, they are addicted to fears, to anger, to procastination, over spending….

We are greater than these bad things and we should not loose our power and let these bad things control us. There is nothing in this world that can keep us in bondage whether it is a lust, drogue, cigarette, bad temper, negative thinking…no matter how long we have been in these shallow life and how many times we have tried to break these bad habits and failed. Only we, nobody else and no circumstances or situations can force us to settle for a mediocre life. We have to take a full responsibility for our thinking and our actions.  We always have the power and that power is in each one of us. We can claim that power and use it to regain our freedom and our true identity.


There are plenty of new good habits there for us, if we want to truly enjoy our live we should constantly improve ourself and set new goals every year. Our goals should be to love more, to be more patient, to become excellent or stand out in our humility, in our faith, in our job or carrier, in our generosity, in how we manage our time, in how we treat our spouse, our children, in how we spend our money…

Abundance and freedom are waiting for us, what I mean is that the harder we work on ourself, we discipline ourself, the more we will be happy, the more we will love ourself, the more joy we will have, the more we will contribute, and the more we will serve others.                                     Let’s each one of us shine in this world through our bright character.

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How to have a lasting joy and pleasure in life

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“Only those who seek within, get to discover their true unconditional happiness.”

― Edmond Mbiaka

As human being we like pleasure and we want joy, happiness and fulfilment. But what happen often ? Pleasure and joy don’t last and we feel boring and even painful after enjoying something for a while. Unfortunately, our modern society makes things harder for us when it comes to how to find pleasure and joy in life. Our society tends to associate pleasure, joy, fulfilment with car, a nice home, a good job, money in the bank or a good mate. Those people who have the chance to  experiment all these good things that life can offer can honestly say that the joy, the pleasure that come from these things does not last. Let say you pray for a car and one year after your prayer was answered, you thank God. And then you start enjoying your car. After the first month you notice that you are not excited anymore with that car. It becomes boring, maybe too expencive or it is old fashioned and very brand new cars are on the market. What happen ? What was once a joy and pleasure is now a pain. The same thing happen with other things such as money, good job, big home, new mate etc. What is the common denominator here ? The common denominator is that all these things that gave us joy and pleasure are external things. We can touch and see them.

The issue of pleasure and joy, happiness is a great challenge for all of us because we are ready to do whatever to feel good and to stay in that state forever. Here are some of my solutions for that problem.

I think that the first mistake that everybody makes while seeking pleasure, happiness and joy is to seek it outside himself. Real joy, real happiness, real fulfilment is a matter of ‘’inner person’’ not ‘’outside’’. Everybody fall in the trap of seeking pleasure outside themselves because skillful marketers have brainwashed our mind and sold to us the idea that it is by owning the latest material things on the market that we can be happy and fulfill. Surely the truth comes to us once we experiment the materials and discover that the pleasure does not last.

True pleasure or lasting joy has nothing to do with your car, your home, your money, your job, your mate… We know plenty of people who have nothing of these stuffs and who are very very happy. In the same moment we know plenty of people who have everything that most people dream to own, but these people live a pitiful life, they are in pain. What is the problem ? I think that the problem  is in the fact that we don’t know ourself. Socrates said that we have to know ourselves but most of us know more how a computer works more than they know how their psyche works.

As human being we have the ability to make painful or joyful any situation. That is what explains that some people with little are happy and joyful while other people with more are unhappy and complain about life.

When we know that we have the choice to decide what equal pleasure or pain in our life, we will live a more fulfill life since we will not let circumstances to decide wether we will be happy or not.

Pleasure, happiness and joy can be created if we know the secret to create them. If we experiment pains and discomfort it is because without even knowing it we have created that pain in our life. Let say you wake up every morning to go to your job. On your way, you start complaining about the traffic, you start complaining about your boss, you start complaining about the people with whom you work. You remember that you are earning less than you deserve ….. Everyday on your way to work that is what you think about, that is what you talk about and you do it over and over and without even knowing that  that way of going from your home to your job has become a habit, a ritual. Let me ask you, are you sure that you will be happy and joyful at your work if you start your working day like that ?

Now let say that every day when you wake up and you are on your way to your job, the traffic is hard to deal with but you drive your car patiently and you joyfully greet the other drivers. When thinking of your work, you are grateful that you have a job, you remember that your boss had given you the opportunity to work with him even though he is sometimes hard with you. You remember that one year ago, you knocked to every door and no one oppened his door for you except your current boss and you thank him for that. On your way to your work you remember how it is good to work with other people since you spent the last couple of year alone, now that you have the opportunity to work with other people around you, you are grateful and you thank God for that. While thinking of the tasks that are waiting for you, you are excited and you can’t even support the idea of abandoning your job for gosping or for rest because your job give you joy and you are happy while working.

So, that is the second situation.  Which situation can help to start the day well and to live a better day ? Surely the second day. What is interessing is that both cases come from our mind and every person has the ability to choose either the first case or the second. That is how we create our joy or our pain.

Where do we focus our mind to ? The difficult situations in life or the beauty of life ? What do we think about ? Our futur will be brighter or that things will go from bad to worse in our life. What you focus your mind on can deternine if you are happy or not.

Another secret of how we can make a lasting joy and pleasure in our life in to constantly grow and become a mature person. What I mean is that we should seriously work on ourselves and upgrade our skills on how to love people more, how to forgive more, how to trust God more, how to give more without thinking of being paid back, how to be humble more, how to be excellent in our job, how to increase our determination, how to increase our patient … We can analyze ourself and see the qualities that we lack, where we need to work and take some actions. Today we live in information age and there are plenty of free resources on each one of these qualities I cited earlier. Just go on google or youtube and you will be served.

Failing to constantly work in our inner person leads to pain and a shallow life. Most people only take care of the extern part of their life, that is where they spend their money. A big TV, a fancy car, plus a big home without a good library equal pain and misery. It does not cost much to buy a Bible (there are plenty of free Bibles) and read it. It does not cost much to buy a tape recorded by Antony Robbins or Zig Ziglar or any other motivator you choose and listen to it  in your car while going to your work. It costs too big to forget to nurture our soul, our spirit with the food that can lift up our faith, with a food that can help us to love more and to get closer to our creator, to nature.

So, you cannot leave your happiness or your joy to the chance. We don’t leave to chance our goals and hope to achieve them. Likewise if we want a lasting joy and pleasure in our life, we have to take specific actions such as knowing how to talk to ourself and what to focus our mind to, Such as knowing that the most part of our happiness is inside ourself not outside ourself.  I explained that earlier.

Commit to work hard on your inner person every day. Ok, let me ask you this question : for how  long do you want your joy and your happiness to last ? What will  you pay to feel permantely that joy and happiness that you deserve ?


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Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky. Our ears can still hear the voices of our loved ones.    Thich Nhat Hanh

We are taught by every religion to have faith and to trust a High source of power that control everything. Although faith is one of the common spiritual values that comes often when it comes to cultivate spiritual values, the truth is that very few people can be called a man of faith or women of faith. When most people face an adversity they always fail to trust themselves not even that God can help them to defeat the problem they face. Why is that ? I think that the reason why most people do not practice faith is because they fall into four traps that are fatal to faith. These four traps are : fear, doubt, logic and impatience.


Fear is the direct opposite of faith and it is the number one reason why most people are defeated by their challenges and accept to live the life that they don’t want, set for less they can be. When people face a difficult situation, instead of opposing a strong faith and  a strong courage to the problem, they let themselves consumed by fears. Suppose that they were laid off from their job, they are immediately consumed by fears as they are thinking on how they will pay the bills, how they will pay the rent and what their life will be without a paycheck. That fear leads to all the nagative thinkings. All their mind is grabbed by  anxiety and they become blind in their spirit as they completly fail to see the new opportunities that their new situation can give them.

I am not trying to ask you not to feel any fear at all or to accept any difficult situation with cheer because there are opportunities behind them. We are human beings and it is good to be fearful at first when you are laid off or when you face a serious situation. What I am saying is that you have to go beyong your fear and the negative feeling after you are aware of the problem. Fear cannot solve your problem, what it does is to keep you focus on all the dark side of the problems intead of showing you the bright side of your problem. It is good to feel fearful at first when we receive a bad medical report but what happen then ? As the days are going, do we still nurture our fears by analyzing and searching for reasons of the problems we have ? Are we trying to find answers to questions like these : ‘’why we have that medical report ? How are we going to pay the doctors..? Why this ? Why that ?’’

What if litlle by little, we started to replace our fears by a strong faith and a great trust to our creator knowing that if it comes our ways it means that you can defeat it and that everything serve  you and that you can overcome any challenges small or big  ? When you start believing that you can prevail, victory is on your side, your fears start disapearing and intead of seeing the dark side of your problems, you start thinking of the solutions and all the bright side of your challenges start coming to your mind. That is why it is very important to stop feeding your fears because they keep you in a position where you fail to solve your problems. They draw out of you all your inner power to solve your difficulties. So never listen to your fears.


Faith never works with doubt. What doubt tells us is that : ‘’it is not possible and I cannot do that.’’ Why do we doubt ? Because we are looking the situation we face with our natural eyes. We cannot see it with our spirit. As human being we have the ability to see things whether with our physical eyes or our spirit eyes. But because we live in a physical world most people don’t even know that they have the ability to imagine something that is not yet and make it happen. Although all of us are enjoying the benefit ( car, internet, plane, phone,  building …)of a modern life, one of the secret of this modern life is that many visionaries have believed first in something that did not exist and they made it happen because of their faith. What would have happened if they have doubt that what they have imagined in their mind would be impossible to create ? They would not take the necessary actions to create them.

When we see a building, that means it has first existed in the mind of the owner of the building. It became real because he believed he could make it happen. If he had  some doubts like most people have, he would not be able to make that building a reality. Whether it is a business, a church, a community of volunteers for a good cause, a political party… All of them came first from imaginations, something that nobody can see except in the mind of the person who imagines the thing he want to create. What doubt does is to kill a dream, to kill a hope, to kill imaginations and to put people in situations where  they are prevented from the main tool that makes everything happen in the world. That tools is faith. Anybody who refuses to doubt and has a srong faith can move all the mountain of his life that is what the Master,Jesus said.


Faith has nothing to do with logic and common sense. When you are deeply in debt and you live by paycheck, if you use the logic part of your mind, you may conclude in paper that you will spend 20 or 30 years to pay your debt. Why ? because you have only calculated with your common sense, your reason, your logic. But what if you can imagine that you can make 10, 20 times the  money you are earning today ? It is not impossible, What if the person to whom you owe money call you one or two years later to reduce 75% of your debt ? That option is also possible, yes we see it happen in people life. What if a few years later you inherit big wealth or you get a promotion in your job ? So you have to see every situation you face with all the possibilties. Most of us have heard the stories of people who were healed from cancer although the doctors have predicted their death. We have also heared stories of people who  have lost their job, their money etc  but years later came back stronger and weathier than they were before. I think that if we want to explain these great coming backs with common sense and logic it will be hard and difficult to explain. What I want to explain here is that when we are in trouble : debt, jobless, poverty, sickness… we have to turn off the logic part of our mind and start looking for all the possibilities to solve our problems . What papers and graphics do is to analyze and show us all the impossibilities and to push us down and to focus on the dark sides of our problems instead of encouraging us to focus all our mind in all the solutions that are possible.


Impatience kills faith because patience works side by side with faith. It is hard for most people to wait today because we are taught to be in harry. But when we are in troubles we cannot fix the problems immediatly. I’m talking here of serious problem such as sickness, lack of money, deep debt, relationship problems… To fix these kind of problems you need to be patient and wait for a while. I know that it is uncomfortable to wait and that is why most people fail to solve their problems because of their impatience. For everything in life there is a set time. A pregnant woman whether it is comfortable or not shall wait 9 months before having her new baby. She does not have a choice otherwise she will lose her baby. Let say you have a broken relationships and you want to fix it. You cannot get any immidiate result because you have to wait for the time to pass by, until then you can cultivate new skills that can help you to have a better relationships.

When we start a new business, we have to wait until  it will start to grow. If we want it to grow quickly the same day or the same week, we will get ourselves in trouble. We need to wait patiently and with comfort because, it is easy to start complaining and we will start saying ‘’ two weeks ago or one month ago I am waiting and I still have the  same problem.’’  Faith has its laws and rules, it does not work with impatience and complainings. While you are doing your part of the job of solving your problems by taking massive actions be comfortable and rejoice while waiting for your breaktrough

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‘’God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, or sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.’’  – unknown

There are many spiritual values : love, patience, courage, faith, kindness, honesty, persistence, forgiveness, humility and so on. Among these spiritual values there is one that comes over and over in any religion, spiritual books, business books… espacially when it comes to overcome problems .  This spiritual value is ‘’faith’’. Like any  tool  well  used, faith is a powerful tool that can make life better to anybody who knows how to use it in order to get result.

When you want to use any tool, a computer for instance, you have to learn how to use it otherwise you won’t get anything from your computer even if it costs you much money to buy it. So likewise ‘’faith’’ is a tool that we can learn  to use and when we know how to use it well, we can apply what we learn in our life. Surely we will reap tremendous positive results in our life. So, how can we become a person of faith or a man or woman who uses faith as a tool in his daily life ? There are many ways to do it but I will suggest in this post 4 ways to strenghen our faith.

1 Affirmations

Affirmations are short positive phrases that we say over and over to ourselves. For instance : ‘’good things come my way’’, ‘’life is always on my side’’, ‘’I am a magnet to money ‘’. Short positive sentences like these are called affirmation or incantation. What that does ? When you say something over and over to yourself your mind start believing that what you affirm or say is true.

Our mind is the only creator of our life and it only creates what we believe is true. If you believe that you are poor your mind will create poverty for you. If you believe that you are rich, your mind will create riches for you. When we understand the power of our mind to create for us what we believe in, we will not underestimate the power of affirmation or what we say to ourself over and over whether it is unconsciously or consciously.

Know that when we say positive words to ourself, it does not necessary need to match with your current situation. Maybe you are sick, and you start saying over and over this incantation ‘’ healing and restoration come on my body.’’  The truth is that you are sick, don’t deny that, the power of your affirmation here is that you are setting your brain to look for new ways of healing and restoration of your body. You are physically sick right now but your mind is strong and sharp. What that does is that instead of leaving in fears and beeing hopeless you are full of faith and courage. The bottom line is that you can quickly find ways, whether to go and see a doctor or do something else that will heal you.

 You are jobless and broke, you repeat over and over again to yourself that ‘’opportunities are coming on my ways’’.The truth is that after saying that for over 10 to 20 minutes to yourself whether it is louder or silently for days, for months even for years, you will not necessary come out with a telephone call for a job interview or a customer who wants to pay you $1000 for your service. You have to take some actions and discipline yourself more. What the affirmation does is that your mind is geared and ready for business opportunities, your mind is set up to get a wonderful job.

Like I said in the introduction, faith is a tool that we need to learn how to use it. The more you affirme something over and over, the more your mind start to believe that affirmation and if your mind believe it, it will surely create circumstances for you to make what you affirm a reality. You don’t necessary need to repeat to yourself the same positive phrase over and over. You can write it on paper and stick it on your refrigerator, on your bag, or wherever you can see it any times of the day. It may also be the backgroud of your computer, your smartphone or tablet.

2 Read books or listen to tapes on topic of faith

In most of my posts I used to point out the power of a good book and how it can positively make an impact on our life. Most of our challenges and setbacks even the goals that we want to realize, there is somebody else who has already gone through those difficulties and has won the battle we are fighting, succesfully. We have a goal, no problem sure enough, somebody had the same goal and has made that goal a reality. The importance of reading a book here is that there is a book or some books that talk exactly on how you can solve the problem you face. If you read that book, you will grab wisdoms, intelligence about how to solve that problem.

Most people has written books about their journey from sickness to total healing. People has written books about their journey from total lack of money, deeply debt to total abundance. There are plenty of stories of breakthrough related to each problem  that every person faces today. You know the power of a book is that the testimonies of other can inspire us, it can motivate us and push us to action. Yes, we can say that ’’ if they can do it, why not me ? Me too, I can do it.’’ You see reading books, listen to tapes is a great resource to sharpen our spirit and our soul for what we want in life.

3 Dream big

Faith has nothing to do with reality, common sens, logic. Faith means that you see the invisible as if you see it in real word. Most people only see what their eyes can perceive. It is hard and impossible for them to see the futur or look any situation through their spirit. This is the reason why dreaming big can help to train our mind to look beyong relity and step in in the invisible world, the erea of our life that makes anything happen. When you dream big, you see the end result of what you want in your life but it is not real yet. So you start to believe in your dream and to take all the actions needed to make it a reality. Note that your faith cannot be strenghened if you have lousy objectifs, what I mean is that your target is something you already see with your eyes and you can touch it.

Big dream is not necessary something related to money such as making  $1million or building a new entreprise, dream big may be believing strongly that you will be a good parent while your child is out of course. You may strongly hope that your mate with whom you separated will come back to you one day. Dream big is also strongly believing that the community that you start today with zero resource and no members will grow and will change the world…. There are different ways of dreaming big. If we want to be a person of faith and we want a good life, we have to have dreams and objectifs that are beyong our current means and power. If we want to make those dreams happen we will surely need an external help and something supernatural that I call here ‘God’.

4 Don’t curse your challenges

Faith means problems, challenges, setbacks and all kind of bad things that will surely come on your way to test your faith. Nobody can grow and become a mature person if he curses the problems that life handle to him. You have to embrace your challenges with joy and strong hope that you cannot be defeated by them. So, stop blaming your problems and start blessing them and look for solutions to overcome them by being full of strong faith that nothing can shake. I will finish this post by reminding you that faith is a spiritual asset that only grow and develop under trials. So, you want to be a person of faith, get ready for trials after trials. The only way for you to breakthrough these trials will be to trust your God and yourself. Are you ready for that ?


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“Quality of life depends on quality and quantity of happiness.”

― Debasish Mridha

Life can be boring for most people. We often see people spend all their day watching TV, playing games, spending money on bar and shopping all day long. Most of us don’t know how to use well  our valuable time and life.

Life is a great gift from God and it had to be enjoyed and well used. The truth is that less than 3% of people on the planet live a good quality of life although we have all the resources we need to enjoy our dayly life. In this article I will share with you  6 ways to live a better life.

1 Feed your mind with good quality ‘’food ‘’

Everything in our life starts with our mind and spirit. As human being we are created to consume ideas, stories, information… We shape our life with the ideas, stories and all kind of informations we consume. There are some people who don’t even know that they need to read books or listen to somethings that can build their spirit. They just go around , spend days, months even years without reading something that can build their mind and spirit.

So, to live a good quality of life, we have to be aware that we need to nourish our mind and spirit. What kind of food do we need to feed our mind with ? I think that nobody will accept to drink a poison that is created to kill mouses. Nobody will pour water in his motor’s engine and expect that engine to do well. Likewise in order to do well, our mind need a high quality of food. These foods must be made of  large quantity of ingredients such as faith, hosnesty, love, courage determination, surrending all to God, humility… If we are not naive we know that most of the information and ideas that we find on TV, radio, newspapers  even on books are bad and are not something that we can recommend  for a person who wants to live well. So what can we do ? We have to select and choose very carefully what read, what we whatch, what we listen to. We have to ask ourself if the informations that we consume on regularly basis are building us or destroying our life. We should also commit to feed our mind well on regularly basis, nobody eats physical food on irregular basis and expects to have a good health. That is the same thing with our mind. The quality of our life will suffer if we do not feed regularly our soul, our mind with  good books or whatever. Exemples of good books : Bible, Think and grow rich of Napoleon Hill, Awaken the Giant of Tony Robbins.

 2 Love people

There is no place for jealousy, envy or hate as long as we are driven by love in every moment of our life. When we display love in how we interact with our fellow, we feel good and we are in the mood that pushes us to help other and not be selffish and selfcenter.

3 Be generous

I think that we live today in a world where the need to give and to share is bigger than any moment else in the human history. With all the problems that surround each one of us I think that everybody today is called to unleash the power of generosity from the bottom of his heart. We are happy and full of pleasure when give, share and contribute. What can we give ? And to whom we can give ? Most people think that they have to give money but our world need more than money today in order to be well. Each one of us can spend time with somebody who is sick if we have decided to do so instead of watching TV or playing. Each one of us can smile to a person who need confident and self love. Anybody can volonteer for a cause that will make the world better. We can be good to somebody who is in need near our home. We don’t need to create a  foundation before we can share and give. Giving make us happy and the more it becomes our habit, the more we will enjoy our life.

4 Be excellent

We are surrounding with mediocre and the temptation to just do little and get big result is great. People want good things but they don’t want to pay the price first. They just try and put in little effort, the consequence is that they reap poor result and dissatisfaction. We cannot live well if we are just good and we do not work hard to move from being average,  from being good to excellence. Being excellent mean that we are improving every day even if it is in a very small level. We have to work very hard to upgrade our skills and our thinking ability because whether we want it or not negativity, mediocrity are there and we can be caught and destroyed by them if we do not work  hard to be excellent. Every person who wants to live an extraodinary quality of life should be improving in love, in patience, in faith, in courage, in determination, in humility, in self honesty, in his  skills or whatever else.

5 Release controle, don’t try to force things or to control everything

What I mean here is to cooperate with circumstances and situations that we cannot understand especially when things are going bad in our life. The quality of our life depend on how we deal with the unkown. How do we feel ? Are we comfortable when we take risk ? Or do we try to avoid risk at all and only try when there are no risk at all ? Or do we seek security at any cost ?

We have to understand that life is a risk and an adventure full of unknow outcomes and trying to live in security and escaping  or avoiding risk at any cost is very dangerous for us because we will feel more unsecure, fearful and we will never grow . So a good way of living is to step comfortably to the unknown circumstances, to take risk and not fear any adventure at all. Are you starting a business ? Trust yourself and your God, no fear, Are you in marriage ? Trust yourself, your partner and your God, no fear. Are you sick ? Stay full of faith, healing is possible. Are you laid off from your job ? No problem, a great opportunity is there on your way , take it and enjoy fully that moment of your life. Understand that we cannot see and understand everything in our life and the only way to live well those moment of our life is to trust our God that everything, bad or good will work for us and that we don’t need to complain or be fearful.

6 Take action

A good way of living is to be productive and full of projects, not necessary big things. We cannot live a good life if we just follow instructions from others, we have to be creative and take massive actions. Action make things happen and help us to focus our enegy on something that matters for us or maybe something that can change the world.

Life is a gift and it is up to each one of us to show our gratitude for the giver (GOD) of that gift, that we appreciate that gift by  constantly shining in our habit and judgement.

We are caught today in false judgements and thinkings that the quality of life depends on money, on car, material things, on the weather, on our husband or our wife, on economy or politics, nothing can be far from the truth. Living well is a matter of state and emotion, it comes from  inner not outside. We have to run our emotion and use whatever (good or bad) life handles to us in positive ways instead of blaming everything that is not going in our way. Nobody lives well like that. Life is wonderful and awsome, let us shine in our behaviours.


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5 reasons why you should bless your problems


‘’Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more wisdoms’’ Jim Rhon

We all like to be comfortable. We like pleasure and party. As a human being we are ready to do everything in our power to avoid pain and look for plaisure. The truth is that life is not always party, plaisure, sugar, honey, comfort … Whaterver may be our power and insight we cannot always be able to avoid pain and the discomfort in our life.

Most people suffert terriblely when they are in difficult sittuation, they add to their pain by blaming the problem or by complaining too much about what is going wrong in their life. In this simple post I will share with you, my readers 5 reasons why we should bless our enemies or whatever is wrong in our life.


When we are in difficulty, we can take that opportuniy to ask ourself some questions like : ‘’how come that happen to me ?’’, ‘’ How can I avoid it for the next time ?’’, ‘’How can I solve the problem ?’’, ‘’Is there someone who can help me to solve that problem ?’’, ‘’Can I read a book or take a class ?’’

 You see when we are in  difficult situations we should focus our thinking in the direction that can help us to fix the situations by asking ourself some questions like the one I have listed above. By doing so our mind will start  seeking for the right answers to solve the problem.


Yes it is easy to boast when we always win. We can think that we are superior to other people who are in difficult situation. But when we fail, the fact that we are small and petite human being come straight in our face, unless we choose not to admit it and I know that there are some people who will never humble themselves even if they are in situations that force them to do so. When we see ourself small then we can seek for help and that will pave the way for other people to come and rescue us.

Most of the time because we  used to win or because we do not dare  to do big things, we don’t know what it means to fail. Most people don’t even want to fail because they cannot bear the shame of failing since they think they must always be in control and they should be the master of everything in their life.

A failure when admitted can reveal to us how we are small, I don’t care whether we are a CEO, a President…. Everybody can fail and failIing is good as long as we accept it with humility and learn from it.


Most people quit when they fail and the consequence is that they never reach their destination and lose the reward. When you fail and you get up again you are showing that you are truly committed to succeed and you develop a momentum and the zeal that will help you to achieve the success you are seeking for. That is what every baby who start walking do. They fail and they get up, they fail and they get up until they walk without failing any more. What will happen if they fail and refuse to get up and try again ? They will not probably be able to walk with their feet one day.

4 Failure can lead you to contribute in a large way

We waste our pain and by doing so we waste the grait contribution that lie behind any pain well used. It had been said that Abraham Lincoln lose many electoral competitions all before he was elected the president of United States. It had also been said that Thomas Edison fail more than 10,000 times all before he invented some the scientific inventions that all the world is enjoying today. These inventions are the phonograph and the bulb. What would happen if Abraham Lincoln had quit after the first failure or the second failure like most people do, he would not probably be elected as a president and the world will never enjoy the leaderships and the contribution of this great servant. What would happen if Thomas Edison has stopped after the second failure or after 1000 failures, probably the world would not enjoy his inventions or another scientific would invent those things.

You see it clear that success come rarely in the first attenpt  or second attempt and most of the time the kingdom we are looking for is hide behind plenty of setbaks, errors and difficulties. Those people like Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison understand that and have used their failures to reach their objectif no matter how hard and painful the failure was. I think anybody can do that if he decides  to use his failures like these people I mentioned in this post. We cannot know the gold and the wonderful things that are behind  a failure well used unless we refuse to quit and we continue to fail until we succeed.


According some great minds like Napoleon Hill, Clement Stone and even Robert Kiyosaki, there is no failure and it is impossible to lose in life or in business unless we have the mindset of a loser. Why can they say so while we see everyday people failing in business, in their personal life, in politics etc. Even Robert Kiyosaki fail many times in business and his even went homeless for a while in his life ?

The answer is that, for every failure used with and attitude of trust, humility, detetermination, gratitude by seeking wisdom, God  always pays back the ennemy for all the troubles he causes for us. That is why most us can witness the great comeback of people like Donalt Trump who has losed everything in business and deeply in debt like anyone else in human history but who used his failure with trust and who refused to quit and leave the game for fear, but Donalt Trump did not dot that, he persued the battle and all the world know his great comeback. The same thing happen to Robert Kiyosaki in minor level. After loosing his business, he failed to rent a house and he spent some of his days in his car with his wife Kim. Today they were very succeessful bussiness man and they own many properties. How can we explain these awsome comebacks ? How come they came back  more weathy, more stronger than they were before they failed, I believe that it is because they used the principle that says behind every failure lie the ability to come back strong and gain more than what you have once lost and that is the truth. So why not bless your problem next time you fail and use it like Donalt Trump, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison and Robert Kiyosaki. ?

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“Never compromise your values.”   ― Steve Maraboli

In life we have our share of problems. Maybe it is  a long time that  we are looking for a job and we have not found one yet. It may be that our financial condition  is very bad, maybe we are single and have not met our soul mate. It may also means that we have a bad medical report… Whatever may be  your problems I am here to share with you  five core values that you can develop and oppose to any of your life challenges in order to have victory over them.

1 Positive attitude.

When we are going through some  difficulties in our life the first thing that we should oppose to our difficulties is a positive attitude. Why ? because as a human being  our problems tend to set us up to negativity. Our problems have the power and ability to affect our thinking process, our emotion and we start feeling sorry for ourself. We may start thinking that it is too long and too bad and that things will never change in good in our life. We tend to analyze and analyze the problems in any corner possible and see if we can overcome the situation. The truth is that most of the time, after analyzing and reasoning we always come out bitter because we cannot find any solutions to our problems. That is why instead of letting your problems talk to you and try to control your thinking process why not take the lead and talk to your difficulties by staying positive in your mind and your soul. You see,  staying positive is a choice and if you don’t purposely and consciously make that choice, your problems will rapidly make the choice for you. And you know the choice by default when we are going through life’s challenges is a negative attitude. It  Is our duty to shift the negative attitude and to consciousely choose a positive attitude when we are in difficult situations.

2 Faith.

 It is said in the Holy Bible that if we have faith we will be able to move mountain. What are our mountains ? Our mountains are all those problems, challenges and setbacks that we have on our way of each day because we are alive and mere human beings. So how can we use our faith to solve our difficulties ? We have to believe that we can overcome our problems, we can have victory and that we can not be defeated and that our power and resources will defeat the adversity that we face. Like I said in the previous paragraph, our problems use to talk to us and the way they talk to us is that it is impossible to succeed and that we are finished. As human being it is easy to believe that talk especially when we are in difficult situations and that is what most people do. The consequence is that most people fail to defeat their problems because they accept the lies of the problems. We have to train our mind to believe and trust God that the problems and difficulties we are going trough is temporary and that it will pass and leave place to peace and freedom. When we are talking of faith, we are talking of the vision that we see. Faith see victory and overcoming while everything in the real word is still bad and gloomy.  Faith and the real world are opposite, what will you choose to believe ? The real world that you can see and touch or the vision in your mind that is not true yet ? You have the choice. It is easy to believe in what we see and touch but very hard to believe in what our physical eyes cannot see. But let me remind you that anything that is physic comes from the invisible, from the mind. So train your mind to see yourself overcoming the difficulties that you face.

 3 Patience.

Patience is an element of faith. Patience is a very hard vertue to cultivate, especially in these fast days of technology where everything you need is there, right in the corner for you. Solving a problem require patience and time. Most of the problems we have today cannot be solved in one day or in one month, even in one year. So, meanwhile we have to remain calme, peaceful, enjoying each moment of our life.  It is hard but that is how the process of solving a problem work.

4  Gratitude.

Gratitude is to be thankful. Why is it so important while we are solving a problem ? Because our difficulties tend to push us to complain and set us up to blame or to curse the problem or our enemies. By doing that we are weaking ourself and give power to the problems we have. When we complain, it means that we are not taking responsibility and we put ourself in the shoe of a victim. By doing that the enemy can easily defeat us and make our life even more painful and miserable. What if we are thankful (I do agree that it is hard to be thankful in difficult situation) ?  Being thankful create an inner power in us, power that we can use to enjoy our day and to take the required actions in order to solve our problems

5 Give, serve, keep doing that

 Don’t deceit yourself by thinking that because you are in difficult situation and that you cannot serve or you cannot give. Problems are solved in the ‘’giving’’ and when you contribute to enrich other people who are suffering. The way God creates us is to serve and to constantly seek any ways we can truly enrich other people life, especially the life of people who are in difficult situation. We don’t have to seek for someone to rescue us. If we start rescuing those who fail and who are poor, the people that we have helped will come to rescue us. The faithful and great servant John Kennedy has said it all : ‘’ Don’t ask what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country’’. Anyone who wants to beat that wisdom will surely live a poor life.

As a thank you for the time you take to read this article, here is my gift for you. It is an ebook : DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT WITH THESE 300 LIFE CHANGING QUOTES



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Why do you need to hang on with winners ?

Why do you need to hang on with winners _

‘’Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.’’

 Oprah Winfrey

There is an adage that says that you cannot fly with pigeon and expect to win a competition with eagle.

Who are your friends? Who are your heroes in life? Who do you want to model the mindset and behavior ? What kind of pictures do you surround your home with? The people with whom you spend most of your time with, what are their values?  Are they smarter than you? Do they display faith and courage in their daily life? Do they pull you down or do they give you compliments? Are they busy in doing something worthy with their time? Or are they spending their time in watching TV, gossiping, complaining etc? Why do you hang on with these people?

We are extremely influenced by the people with whom we spend our daily life. It is very difficult to be positive if you spend most of your time with complainers.

You can apply what I am saying here to your TV programs show? Do you learn useful things from the time you spend with your TV ? What about your videos? Their contents ? Do they push you to become brave, smart, strong, faithful, and wise, to contribute and to love your fellows ? What about your books? What do they teach you ? Can you recommend your books to your mentor or your pastor? Think about it. What about the pictures you surround your life with? Are they powerful ? Do they build your mind or they are just simple pictures. There is no doubt that if you watch a powerful message through your TV or videos you will be motivated and inspired to go ahead in your life. Similarly, if you watch a poor message like war, poverty, insecurity, unemployment, sickness, complaining and losers club … etc all the day long; and you only spend your time talking and commenting about negative things, you will certainly end up in the same club and living the same life like the one you always talking about. So in order to be strong and courageous it is very critical to hang on with winners, champions and those people who shoot the stars. You don’t necessary need to be strong or brave like the champions before you enter their club. The most important thing is to have the will, a burning desire to become a winner although you are full of fears and weakness today. If your desire to be a champion is more powerful than you, certainly you will become a champion one day no matter what your current situation is.

How can you enroll yourself in a champion’s club? My suggestions for you is to select  carefully five or ten heroes and after you have asked yourself the type of characters you admire in each on them, you will set a goal to model that behavior or character in your daily life. For instance, if your hero is ‘’ a never give up person’’ despite huge disappointments, failures, your job is to model that character of your hero. Ask yourself, how can I be ‘’a never give up person’’ like my hero? How can I apply it to my daily life when I face failures and disappointments ? You can learn from your heroes by reading their books, I have said it before, but it is very important to repeat it. You can also learn from your heroes by watching their shows on TV, videos or by studying their life through autobiographies. You can also listen to their tapes, do it on daily basis and apply what you learn from them. You can pick up another character from another hero, maybe it is his ‘’leadership.’’ Ask yourself: how I can show the same character in my everyday life ? Your job is to find out how your hero acts and to model him in the best way so that you also you will become a best leader. Here are some values you can learn from your hero: learn to love, learn to show compassion, learn to trust God in face of problems, learn to be impossible to deterre by disappointments and life challenges, learn to be faithful, learn to act wisely, learn to act boldly, learn to be excellent in your field, learn to be generous….Let me remind you that you cannot become a champion in one day or in one year. Your hero also did not become a champion in one year. Your hero has become a champion through a life time commitment to become the best he can be, through a lifetime commitment to become more and by demanding more from himself than anybody else can ask him to do. So, you also, if you want to become a champion, be patient, go slowly, keep going even if you didn’t see any result in the beginning. Don’t get discouraged, motivate yourself. If you keep on doing the best things, the results or the reward will come certainly. Remember to reward yourself when you see some results. Go ahead and be the best you can be.

Enrolling yourself in a champion’s club means also surrounding your house with objects and things that will empower you. Maybe, it’s a quote, maybe, it is a picture of your vision (dream home, dream car, the person you want to become) something you want to achieve.

Being a member of a champion’s club means also that you will never leave that club.  Whatever may come your way in life, you will hang on to your club, to winners. Problems, setbacks, poverty, any kind of challenges will never be too powerful to push you off your champions’ club. It is easy to give up when tough times come. Most people are only strong when everything is OK in their life. In difficult times, they become negative and lose their faith and courage. They easily join the rank of mediocre and complainers.

Your greatest challenge will be to stay away from the mediocre and the complainers, the average, especially when problems arouse. When challenges arouse, it is easy to seek comfort among complainers and losers, since they don’t have any strong value and they don’t commit their life to any great goals. The club of complainers and losers is the club of most people. More than 90% of people on earth in some way join that club. Here are some of the values they share: self-pity, living in the comfort zone, making excuses, complaining all day long about everything, for them their problem is in outside, they never take responsibility, they constantly live in fear… Most people like these poor values and they share them among themselves. That is why this crowd is full and easy to get in. But since everything we reap is what we plant, here is what that club harvests: poverty, sickness, unhappiness, low self-esteem, complaining, worry…etc.

On the other side, the club of champions, this club requires self-discipline, commitment to a better life, strong values like persistent, patience, faith, courage, generosity… The rewards are: strong self-esteem, happiness, the ability to give back, to share, wealth, passion, enthusiasm…Enroll yourself in that club for all your life, keep hanging on with champions and winners.

As a thank you for the time you take to read this article, here is my gift for you. It is an ebook : DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT WITH THESE 300 LIFE CHANGING QUOTES







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“It’s not hard to decide what you want your life to be about. What’s hard, she said, is figuring out what you’re willing to give up in order to do the things you really care about.”  ― Shauna Niequist

Let me ask you one question, where will you be in five years if you continue to run your life the way you are running it today?  There is one law that applies to anything in life. That law is the ‘’law of growing or dying’’. That law means that everything in life grows or dies. What’s that law means for us? It means that we are growing or dying. It is impossible for any human being to escape that law; understand this, I am not talking about our age or the number of years we have. We all know that since we are alive, we will grow and become old and die one day.

How can we apply that law to our faith? To our courage ? To our skills? To our

financial condition? To our health? To our happiness or whatever else in our life? Are we growing or dying in each aspect of this in our life?

The truth is that our courage, our faith in God, our financial well being, our health, our spirituality and so on, are key aspects of our life in which if nothing is consciously done or if no goal is set in order to improve them, they  start to decline, in other words, to die. What happen then? We suffer very much and the quality of our life declines. That is why it is very important for us to set goals for ourselves as long as we live.

Goals are very important for us because they enable us to grow and to improve the quality of our life. If we didn’t set any goals for ourselves, we stop to live, our life become bore and down because we don’t know what to do with our time? We just go where everybody go, we watch TV for a long time, we become cynical and negative.

If we want to develop our courage or we want to develop our character, nothing else on this earth can do it better for us than the ability to set goals to ourselves. I will add this point, setting goals and trying to do your best to achieve them is the key point. Setting goals and fail to achieve it is not as important if you try your best to get the result your want.

When you have goals for your life you develop the character and the skills needed to live a better life while you are pursuing your goals. You can never develop a good habit if you don’t do something that will force you to acquire the skills required to succeed in what you want.

What kind of goals are very important for you that you can set for yourself ? It depends on you and on what you want to accomplish with your life? Here are some questions that you may ask yourself in order to determine the kind of goals you can set for yourself.

Ask yourself: what do I want to accomplish with my life? The answer to that question will help you to set goals for what you want to accomplish with your life.

Ask yourself what type of person do I want to be? For instance someone who is generous, someone who genuinely loves people, someone who is kind, someone who loves God, someone who is unstoppable by life challenges, someone who is a leader … If you find the answer, set a goal and work hard on yourself to achieve it.

Ask yourself:  what kind of life do I want ? Do you want to travel? Do you want to found a family ???  Find the answer and set goal to live the kind of life you want to live.

Ask yourself: what is the amount of money I want to earn this year? How much I want to earn in two years? How much I want to earn in five years? For the rest of my life ? Think and answer these questions. Then set your goal and work hard to achieve it. Ask yourself: what kind of job do I love to do? Answer that question and set some goals to achieve it.  Ask yourself: what contributions do I want to do for the world? (You don’t need to be Einstein or win a Nobel Price before  contributing ) Even if you share your time or  your knowledge with people who are in trouble or who struggle to live, you are already contributing. Go ahead and share good things even it is in the small level.

Note that your goal must be compelling and very strong. It must be something that you are pursuing on a daily basis in order to achieve them in one week, one month, one year, five year, ten years or a life time. You must have something in your life timetable that pushes you to wake up from your bed with enthusiasm and passion everyday no matter what is going on in your current life (bad or good).

You will probably have challenges and disappointments along the way, these are part of life and we cannot separate challenges to goals. Both go together. It’s possible to overcome challenges no matter is its power if we are genuinely committed to achieve our goals.

When you set up a goal, remember to be as clear as possible, to have a dead line for each goal, to be ready for obstacles, maybe huge obstacles.

More than anything else, it’s your behavior, your character that helps you to achieve your goal. Your goals enable you to build the character you need to achieve them. At the end of the journey, whether you reach your goal or not you become strong, brave, wise, smart, and courageous, you become more powerful than the person you were before.

 Let me ask you these  questions, do you think that you can become the type of person you  want to be or you can earn much money if you spend your day worrying about your future, being fearful, losing self confidence?  Do you think you can have more without being more? I hope you know the answer.

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